Becoming a member of CADE

Membership Chairperson: Andy Newsome

Andy NewsomeFor drilling and completions specialists, CADE currently offers one of the best networking and knowledge sharing opportunities in the Canadian petroleum industry.

As of 2011, the Canadian Association of Drilling Engineers (CADE) has been active for 37 years. With more than 500 members from more than 300 companies, CADE represents a large spectrum of experience in all areas of operations and technologies. The skills and knowledge obtained by your participation in CADE will benefit you and your employer, with direct application to your professional career.

CADE offers various means for members to connect and share their insights. Monthly technical luncheons are held with technical and other topical industry presentations. Other membership benefits include our monthly publication “Canadian Well Construction Journal” and a membership directory with the who’s who in the Canadian drilling industry. Our website is an excellent focal point for industry events, blogs and news. We are also active on

Who Can Become a CADE Member?

CADE members can be anyone with an interest or merely employed in the drilling and completions industry. Typical members include drilling and completions engineers, geologists, technical personnel, sales personnel and students. Student memberships are available to any post-secondary student interested in learning more about drilling and completions.

Please feel free to share information about CADE with all the people in your organization interested in the drilling and completions industry.

To register please use our new Membership Portal.